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The physical training in Seido is strenuous, emphasizing progressive development of strength, flexibility, and aerobic capacity. One of the goals of Seido karate training is to develop strong bodies, which contributes to health and a general sense of self-confidence and well-being. In addition to developing students with the highest level of physical skills, Seido aims to develop individuals of the highest moral character, individuals who can then make significant contributions to a better life in the family, the work place, and in society at large.

When you start you attend classes we'll allow you to ease into the program slowly and safely. It is not necessary that you have any previous karate experience or that you are in good condition. You progress at a pace consistent with your ability and level of fitness. You are neither moved too fast nor held back. If you have previous experience or are in good physical condition you can progress more quickly. If you need more time to develop, you will not feel pressured. Everyone is treated as an individual.

Physical Fitness
Seido Karate provides you with a complete program in physical conditioning. Our exercises are safe, effective, and tailored to your individual needs. Seido Karate training utilizes virtually every muscle in your body. You'll notice new power and stamina as your entire body becomes firm and toned. Seido Karate develops flexibility and coordination.

Seido Meditation
Our program develops both the mind and the body. Seido Meditation is a time-proven method for developing a calm, focused mind. Through our meditation program, you will achieve the ability to concentrate more fully and think more clearly. Meditation is a part of every class. Our meditation, combined with our karate training develops a quality we call "Bushido Spirit." Bushido Spirit means non-quitting spirit. It is a special kind of self-discipline that can be applied to every aspect of one's life. 

Self Defense
Seido karate is one of the most effective and efficient forms of self defense available. You learn to use your entire body as a weapon, developing the ability to defend yourself against assailants much larger and stronger than yourself. Hand, elbow, knee, and foot techniques are taught based on their effectiveness and practical application in street situations.


At Seido, I want to create a secure place for anyone of any age or physical ability to train and learn. This is true at any Seido dojo, no matter where it is located. At Seido, we all train as a family. Cooperation, not competition, is the key word. Those who have more should share with others, giving advice and encouragement. The real competition is with yourself. The only requirement is that you give your absolute best effort at all times.

The goal of SEIDO KARATE is the physical, mental, and spiritual growth of its students.