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Norcal Seido Karate is a group of dedicated individuals who believe in promoting and keeping alive the physical and mental discipline of traditional karate-do.  Through Seido Karate we hope to impart a positive experience on every person who trains with us and help to create caring, thoughtful individuals through the physical and mental discipline we grow through each time we train.

Seido karate is a strict, traditional Japanese style of karate, into which Kaicho T. Nakamura has distilled the essence of what he has learned about the martial arts in over 35 years of study, practice, and teaching.

The World Seido Karate Organization officially opened its headquarters on October 15, 1976, in New York City. It is now a worldwide organization, with thriving branches in such diverse places as Australia, New Zealand, the Republic of South Africa, England, and South America. However, within Seido, growth of the branches is not being pursued for its own sake. Quality of instruction and of the students is paramount.

Today, Seido Karate is an international organization with thriving branches in fourteen countries and has more than 20,000 students worldwide. Seido's New York Honbu is one of the largest martial arts schools in the world and has approximately fifty black belts training on an average day. More importantly, Seido represents the personal ideal of Kaicho Nakamura that karate can help individuals to better understand themselves and others. Seido Karate programs around the world continue Nakamura's vision and help to develop individuals who make significant contributions to their communities and to society at large.

This goal is achieved by the integration of Zen meditation into the practice of each and every student. Seido is unique because it stresses the unity and inseparability of karate and Zen. This is not a new idea. Rather, it is a return to the origins of the martial arts. By returning to the roots of karate, it can be made extremely valuable for men and women in this century and the next.


Sensei Bobby Henderson
Sensei Bobby Henderson started his karate training under the tutelage of Kaicho Nakamura at the NYC Headquarters in 1986.  Sensei Henderson spent the next 10 years studying and teaching at the New York headquarters before moving to California.  Sensei Henderson holds a 4th degree black belt in Seido Karate and also has experience in Aikido, Kendo, as well as Iaido.  He continues to teach most of the classes for NorCal Seido Karate.

Senpai Todd Solly
Senpai Todd began training in martial arts as a teenager and has been a student of Seido Karate at Dojo’s in New Zealand, Australia and California as well as attending seminars and instruction by Kaicho Nakamura in New York. Beginning in Golden Bay and then Nelson, New Zealand Todd studied with Sensei Murray Crighton and Shuseki Shihan Andy Barber, during his years in Melbourne, Australia Todd studied with Senpai Matthew Layton and Sensei Alan Lambert and then moved to Los Angeles, California and trained with Sensei John Greene and Sensei Ted Pastrick before relocating to the East Bay area of San Francisco. Todd now trains under the direction and guidance of Sensei Bobby Henderson and conducts classes in the East Bay area.

Senpai Debra Feldstein
Senpai Janie Goodman